by Meadows

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released March 24, 2017

Recorded with Bryan Papic at LuckyHorse Studios, Mixed and Mastered by Bill Henderson of Azimuth Recording.



all rights reserved


Meadows Birmingham, Alabama

Sowing seeds of love amidst fields of hate.

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Track Name: God Help Us
God help us
Track Name: Tides
Capsized and taking on water,
my life raft was going under.
I clinch my fists with anger and fear.
I won't accept that I've put myself here.
Some things never change,
and one thing remained the same,
is when You'd show Your face,
I always managed to turn and look away.
Shifting tides, and crashing waves,
those currents pulled me away,
further and further away.
Ever changing just like the sea,
I put my faith in things that could be seen.
But I know that You're still there,
the waves still know Your name.
I filled my cup up to the brim,
with a poison known as bitterness,
down the hatch I opened wide,
I chased it down with pride.

O to grace how great a debtor,
daily I'm constrained to be.
Let Thy goodness, like a fetter,
bind my wandering heart to Thee.
Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,
prone to leave the God I love.
Here's my heart, Lord, take and seal it,
seal it for Thy courts above.

'Cause better is one day in Your courts,
than thousands elsewhere.
Track Name: Looking Glass (Feat. Daniel Adams of Conveyer)
I've become more of what I thought I would never be.
I let the selfishness take hold when you needed me.
I can no longer stand back and watch my life go passing by.

I'm going to stand for what is right, and for what I know is true,
because if truth is really true,
there is no me, there is only You.
The line's been drawn in the sand, it's time I take my stand.

I'll be like the sheep in wolves' skin.
I'll be the one pressing on at the day's end.
When you're at my funeral and next to my kin,
make sure they save my seat at the wolves' den.

I will be all things to all men.
Let me see life through your eyes.

I refuse, I refuse. I refuse
to see a world, for what they say it is.
Turning blind eyes from the outstretched hands and cries.

I refuse to see the beggar, abandoned without a home.
I refuse to see the prostitute, feeling lost and all alone.
I refuse to see the bastard son, fatherless without cause.
I refuse to see this happen to the ones that I love.

I refuse to see these things, yet I refuse to see me.

Cause if I love you as myself,
I've hated you all along,
I saw you begging in the streets, said to myself "go find a job".
Forced to sell your body, while freely I gave mine.
I saw pain and no release.
I saw you, instead, of seeing me.
Track Name: Champion
Engulfed by sin.
Kissed by temptation.
The lust surrounds me as the walls close in.
My hot air, I keep it lit.
I need to let You speak, and let grace hit.

I am not perfect. Nor am I clean.
I am not worthy to be on my knees.
I'm desperate for You.
Lord, speak to me.
Jesus, I need you to set this captive free.

Saved by the light.
Tempted by dark.
The darkness in the world the same as my heart.
I try to follow, but I just feel hollow within.

Cause there's a space, that grew over time,
the rivers that ran through it have almost run dry.
My apathy became the void,
an appetite for things that would pass me by.

So would You bridge the gap, to the other side.
Cause I'm scared to death of dying,
but Your name brings life.

The battle's over.
Your King has won.
You are lovely and loved.
Chin up, champion.
Track Name: Take
I'm at the end of my rope,
hanging high, afraid to let go.
So I'll tie a knot to hold on to,
all the things I'm not proud of.
Can I stand and look at my own achievements,
and say that it was all worth it?
Can I stand with what I've got,
and say it was all worth the cost?
I may lose my own salvation,
but I'll tell you that I've got it all.
A house with a broken family,
is not a place that I call home.
Money breeds the green disease,
it's a power lust sought out like thieves.
I'm taking off this fool's gold crown, to cast it at Your feet.
So would You please come,
and shine Your light, expose my darkest sin.
I want to let You in.
God, help me see this through.
Christ, help me be more like You.
Strike the match, and let me burn from within.
Let grace fan my flame, and my passion never dim.
So take the world, you can have it,
but give me the one, who overcame it.
So take the world, You can have it all,
take it off my shoulders God.
I've tried to carry the weight for so long.
God, I'm so sorry for, everything.
Your love has made a way, we lead ourselves astray.
You came and took my place.
God, I'm so sorry for, everything.
Track Name: Weight, Wait
This castle,
so small,
not good enough,
water boarded walls.
I'm afraid they will come tumbling down and fall.
But even when they do,
the Creator's hands pull the pieces together,

stronger walls,
stronger hearts,
larger moats to break the waves apart

With every grain of sand falling through the cracks in my hands,
I never saw how much they needed each other
to build up from the water to create new land.

Built by the Father,
with craftsmanship so clever,
every tiny grain pressed down and molded together,
love became the glue that held us forever.
No storm could overtake us,
we stood boldly amidst the violent weather.
You made me important, You formed me with greater worth,
You knew me from the start,
and You saw greatness before we saw birth.

Beautiful, oh beautiful,
in everyway that’s what you are.

My faith,
as small as a mustard seed.
If I lift these hands to You, will You lift this weight from me?
Track Name: I'm Only A Man
I’m only a man
All my life I’ve been told to never fear anything but God Himself,
but I’ve read too many stories
and seen too many tragedies unfold before my eyes
and everytime the weight of everything comes crashing down
I get scared,
I run and hide
I’m nowhere in sight.
I am miles and mountains away from being found.
God almighty, why must these things intimidate me?
Why must these things be bigger than me?
I want to say I’m a man, stronger than the rest,
but in my heart I’m still a child, I know I am.
I jump at thunder and get scared of lightning.
Earthly things take their toll on me and I let it.
I have many mountains in my life that need to be moved.
God will you be my mountain mover?
Giants mean nothing to me
and mountains; they mean nothing to me.
I’m no longer afraid
I no longer fear bad guys, monsters, spiders and thieves;
gunshots, car wrecks, bomb threats, and me
I’m only a man.
Track Name: These Days
These were the days that I thought I knew,
what my life would come to.
I was so set on you.
I couldn't set my mind on anything else.
I gave it all away for you.
I jumped as high as I could just to make you happy.
I longed to see you smile, that's all I've ever tried to do.
I was being the man you wanted me to be.
These were the days that I felt so alive.
I felt like I had it all in my hands.
You were my world and I was your everything.
I always told you
that I would carry every bit of weight that was on your back
on mine.
I just wish you'd do the same for me.
I can't carry the both of us.
Either my legs break in two,
or I learn how to drop you,
but I'm afraid of life without you,
so I'll go on with broken legs.
The effort was equal, now it's just being put forth by me.
What's next for you and I?
I continue to pray.
I lift what's left of my hands to grasp on the answers.
I hope these hands are strong enough to push you away,
there's not much in me to carry your weight.
Track Name: Oh God, How Great The Mountains
I'm painting Your face in stars,
I have nowhere else to run,
and I choose to hide above the clouds.
I find nothing in myself,
I think it's time I let go of the person I am.
I open my heart to Your hands.
I'm letting You in, and I'm letting myself out.
It's time I say goodbye to these selfish ways.
Thank God,
You destroyed the boy I used to be, and made me new.
Jesus, You lifted me off the ground,
and told me it would be okay,
because You restore me.
There's no mountain greater than You.
Here I am now.
Is this me now?
Am I real now?
This is me now.
Oh God, how great You are,
greater than the mountains that we live on.
I let go of my anger,
that anchor that kept me sinking,
and I'll proudly float up to the shores of Your love.
Track Name: Orion
I'm hunting for love in all the wrong places.
It's all false, it means nothing at all.
I'm searching for pleasure in all the wrong places.
It doesn't help a thing, it just destroys me.

I sin before I serve and I hate myself for falling short.
If I can't love myself, then I can't love at all.
So tell me what's it all worth?

Your Love was given on a cross.
It covered me since day one.
I've wiped it off so many times,
so overflow and flood my life.

Enough is enough,
I may be weak,
but my God You're stronger,
so much stronger than me.

All I can ask,
is that You know I'm trying my best,
to be the man You've called me to be.
I feel like I'm lost at sea,
I'm hunting for love, and searching for pleasure,
if I don't open the map how can I find You as my treasure?
You're my treasure.

I may be weak,
but God is so much stronger.
You're so much stronger.
Enough is enough.
Track Name: Likewise
I need some help to say this right.
The proper words to speak my mind,
to bare my heart,
and show my scars,
for what they really are.
Though the Word may guide me, my mind will defy me.
To make sense of it all,
and put God in a box, and only open it when needed
I'll keep it locked, with the key next to the one,
I made for these shackles,
I still wear them everyday chained to my past and every lie I told myself.

Eye for an eye, the whole world goes blind.
Life for a life, but I'm the spear that pierced Your side.


Held captive in a prison that I built from my own guilt.
My rib cage the cell doors, and my heart the death row inmate.
I can hear that jailbird sing,
"let love be the breeze that carries me,
and bring grace beneath my wings."

But the key lies within me, to stand before You boldly.
This is the song the jailbirds sing.